2018 Idaho Democratic Convention

(Boundary County delegates with Paulette Jordan – photograph credit to the Idaho Statesman)

Did you catch the recent 2018 Idaho Democratic Convention? Read more about it in the Idaho Statesman article below and check out a couple of highlights from Boundary County!

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Article Highlights:
Mike Sheppard, a 65-year-old retiree who worked in the oil and gas industry, traveled to the convention with a small group of Democrats, including 92-year-old Fay Morris, from Boundary County on the Canadian border. Sheppard is a lifelong Democrat, but this was his first state convention.

He said lack of school funding in Boundary County has forced consolidation of schools and a reduction in school days from five days a week down to four. “It’s time on the local level for more people to get involved with politics,” Sheppard said. “The direction that the opposing party is taking … It’s time for the Dems to step in.”