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Boundary County Democrats Monthly Meeting

The Boundary County Democrats meet every month - join us!

  • Day: 3rd Monday of every month
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Place: Mugsy's (7161 Main St, Bonners Ferry)

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2018 Idaho Democratic Convention

Idaho Statesman Article Link

Article Highlights:

Mike Sheppard, a 65-year-old retiree who worked in the oil and gas industry, traveled to the convention with a small group of Democrats, including 92-year-old Fay Morris, from Boundary County on the Canadian border. Sheppard is a lifelong Democrat, but this was his first state convention.

He said lack of school funding in Boundary County has forced consolidation of schools and a reduction in school days from five days a week down to four. "It's time on the local level for more people to get involved with politics," Sheppard said. "The direction that the opposing party is taking ... It's time for the Dems to step in."

Boundary County Statesman Photo

(Boundary County delegates with Paulette Jordan - photograph credit to the Idaho Statesman)